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As a new affiliate marketer, you are probably thinking about how you can get more money from your affiliate marketing business. The best way an affiliate marketer can make money is through high ticket affiliate marketing. Now, you must be wondering what is high ticket affiliate marketing.

High ticket affiliate marketing is the process of promoting expensive products or services which bring high commissions to the affiliate marketer.

In this article, I will give you a detailed definition of high ticket affiliate marketing. Then, I will briefly talk about the sales funnel process to get customers and the best niches to work within high ticket affiliate marketing.

If you want to become a successful affiliate marketer, you should start with not only the definition but also learning about the basics of high affiliate marketing. Here is what any beginner should know about high ticket affiliate marketing.

What is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing 

The process of earning commissions or money by promoting other people’s products or services is known as affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is quite simple. You choose products based on a specific niche and put blogs on your website talking about them. The visitors of your website can turn into customers of that product.

When anyone buys the products following your promotion, you will get a commission. The more products or services you can sell, the more commission you can get. This is a great way of passive income.

Many people start with low ticket affiliate marketing. This means they promote low price products that bring a very small amount of commission. As a result, they have to sell a lot of products to make a good amount of commission.

On the other hand, high ticket affiliate marketing is slightly different, but it is very profitable. The products/services that bring high commission are called high-ticket items. These are very costly and expensive items. When you make at least $1000 as a commission from selling an expensive product, it is called high ticket affiliate marketing.

Why is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Worth the Risk?

Imagine that you are an affiliate marketer. You have got a deal with a beauty product company. The products are cheap so you will get a very low commission rate. At one point you may sell $400 worth of beauty products. At a 5% commission rate, your earning will only be $20. Not much is it? What if you can earn more?

If you want to make affiliate marketing your career, you must have a goal of earning six figures as commission.

Therefore, you must sell thousands of cheap/ low priced beauty products to a lot of customers. Only then you can reach your desired six-figure commission. For that, you have to sell $2 million worth of the products to make $100,000 as commission.

On the contrary, when you promote high ticket products and sell them, you can easily reach your six-figure commission. For this, you can choose a high-priced product/service. Now, there are a lot of niches to choose from.

Many Life Coaching programs and Luxurious Tourisms offer a lot as commissions these days. You can choose a Life Coaching program to advertise on your website. By this promotion, when you get a customer for the program, they will pay you $1000 as commission. You can make $100,000 by providing only 100 customers to the Life Coaching program.

Remember, to succeed in high ticket affiliate marketing, you must select a high-priced product/service that has an enthusiastic fan base. The number of customers can be a few, but they have to be willing to spend the money on the product.

No matter how many customers you get, the main objective is to get customers for the products as soon as possible.

How to Promote High Ticket Affiliate Products

Selling a high ticket product will not be such an easy journey. You have to be enough trustworthy to your visitors so that they able to grow their confidence from you for buying the high ticket products.

Buyers go through some steps while purchasing the desired high ticket product. We know this process as sales funnels. Understanding this process can help you get more customers and hence more commissions.

There are 4 major parts to learning about sales funnels. If you do not have proper knowledge about it, it will not work for you. So I let you explain these important ideas to sales funnel.

How to Promote High Ticket Affiliate Products

Awareness: First, your customers should be aware of the existence of the products. For this, you can do massive advertisements, send emails to potential customers and promote in social media. A few numbers of audiences may turn into customers, but the promotion will be good for earning profits.

Interest: After being aware of the product’s existence, many people start yearning for the product. You can enhance this desire by showing how the product can solve the customers’ problems or entertain them. You can change the customers in this step into buyers with some effort.

Decision: In this step, the potential customers act on their interest. To be sure about the product, they might start researching them. If they think the product is perfect for them, they will think about buying the product or service.

Action: Finally, some customers will take the necessary steps to buy their desired product/service.

These steps can be shortened if a product or service is according to the preference of the customers. For example, a customer already has an interest in a product. He or she sees the product promotion on your website and clicks to buy the product.

So, to get your desired commission, choose the best products to promote so that customers will buy them without much hesitation.

It is also important to have the correct knowledge to be approved in high ticket affiliate programs to promote it. In this case, be sure to check out this article that will make the process easier than you think.

The Best Niches for High Ticket Affiliate Marketing (Based on Customer Interest)

With affiliate marketing, if you choose the wrong niche to make money from, all your hard work will pay off in a matter of days. Selling a high ticket product is more important to start with a proper niche.

Here check below to see some best niches for high ticket affiliate marketing.

  • Luxurious Tourism
  • Life Coaching
  • Beauty, Health and Fitness Products/services
  • Personal Finance
  • Ecommerce
  • Online courses
  • Web-Hosting
  • Software

These are some trending niches for high ticket affiliate marketing. Many producers of these products and services give $1000 or more commission to their affiliate marketer.


By now, you must have got the idea about what is high ticket affiliate marketing. You can take a risk and invest your time and a little money to get more commissions in exchange from these products. It is almost the same as the usual affiliate marketing.

You spend the same time and labour, but you can get 2X or 3X more commission than the usual amount.

It may take some more time to get results but you should understand that most of the super affiliates are at the top in this affiliate industry only promoting high ticket affiliate products.

I hope this article has helped you a lot to get a complete knowledge about high ticket affiliate marketing. Be sure to check out my other blogs for various affiliate terms that you must know. Now, thanks for stopping by.

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