What is Gravity in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the new trend. With increasing numbers of products and e-commerce sites, easily accessible computer and internet service, there’s no wonder why this sector is flourishing. Affiliate marketers, when promoting a product on ClickBank, have encountered a specific score, called gravity.

Gravity is a score given to vendors based on how many affiliates have sold the vendor’s product in the last twelve weeks. This scoring is not universal. It is generated from ClickBank, one of the largest affiliate marketplaces in the world.

But there is more to it. The answer to your question, “What is Gravity on Clickbank?” is not that simple. The score doesn’t necessarily explain any attribute of the product. So, I am going to explain this a bit more for you.

What is ClickBank Gravity?

When talking about gravity, it’s needless to say that its ClickBank’s gravity numbers we are talking about. Before we get into that, an explicit description of how affiliate marketing works is required.

Affiliate marketing is the same as a real estate agent or an insurance broker. The difference is that you do it from home. You pick a product of your choice in any affiliate marketplace and promote it to potential buyers. Each sale you make through the affiliate links, you get a percentage of the revenue.

But how to choose which products to promote? How do you know which products are demanding for customers? That’s where ClickBank gravity comes in. It’s a simple feature implemented by ClickBank to guide affiliates to choose the right products to promote.

What is ClickBank gravity

How ClickBank Gravity Scoring Works?

ClickBank gravity is a score given to vendors. It shows how many affiliates have sold that particular vendor product in the last twelve weeks. This number could be anything between above 0.1 and below or equals to 1.0.

Note that it shows how many affiliates have sold this product, not how many units were sold, or how many affiliates are promoting it.

If a product’s gravity is 1, it means one affiliate sold the product yesterday. I know you are wondering, “Why yesterday? The definition states that gravity is based on the last twelve weeks, right?” That’s a very thoughtful question. There’s a catch on how ClickBank calculates gravity.

Suppose an affiliate sells a product through ClickBank affiliate links, where gravity score 1 is given. But if he doesn’t make any sale the next day, the score is reduced to 0.96. Each day without sales reduces the score proportionately.

But the score never goes above 1 for each affiliate. If one affiliate sells 10 products every day, the score is still one.

Misinterpretation of ClickBank Gravity Score

A common misconception among new affiliates is that they should promote products having a higher gravity score. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why that isn’t the right choice:

¬†It Doesn’t Affect Conversion Rate

Conversion is one of the critical components of affiliate marketing. It indicates the sales made through the links. Conversion rate means how many customers that visited your page have clicked the affiliate link to make a purchase. Higher gravity doesn’t indicate if the conversion rate is high or low.

High gravity can harm the conversion rate. If a product is selling at a high volume, the product owner may not improve the page to increase the rate. And you cannot blame them. Why bother with something that is already making you filthy rich?

Low gravity product owners are more eager to try out new things to make their products sell better. This can result in their pages’ conversion rate booming like crazy

Increased Refund Rate

Products that sell at a high volume are also prone to bad customer reviews and refunds. Many customers just see a product that has a high sales rate, and they just go on to buy it. In many cases, the product does not turn out to be what they desired, so they refund. And promoting a product that has high refund rates is bad for business.

The gravity score is not affected by refund rates or customer reviews. So, deciding to promote a product based on gravity score can hurt your image

Higher Difficulty 

High gravity score means that the product is very demanding, that’s obvious. But it doesn’t even give any hint of how many affiliates are trying to sell the same product. If a product has a score of 200 that means 200 affiliates have made a sell through their links. The number of units sold could be anywhere from 200 and above.

This doesn’t show how many affiliates are promoting that product trying to make a sell. Maybe thousands of marketers are trying to sell that same product! That’s a tremendous amount of competition to face.

Taking Advantage of ClickBank Gravity

The gravity scoring is there for a reason. You just have to figure out how to take advantage of it. You have already learned that high gravity doesn’t necessarily mean you have to promote that product. A gravity score of 5 is a good starting point. It means the product is selling well and there isn’t much competition.

Try to promote products that have scores around 20. It indicates that there is a balance between sales and competition. Scores between 20 to 100 are the sweet spot.

Try not to promote anything that has scores higher than 100 if you are new. You might not withstand the competition.


There are millions of affiliate marketers working day and night to make a fortune for themselves. Newbies are very likely to face cruel adversities in this already saturated sector. Getting misguided by the gravity score which was supposed to guide them can be one of the unfortunate encounters.

Assuming you have read the entire article, I hope you have stopped wondering, “What is Gravity on Clickbank?”. I believe I could answer all your queries about ClickBank gravity scoring for the betterment of your affiliate marketing career.

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