What is Affiliate Marketing in 2021_ FREE Guide for Beginners

Looking for a passive income source? This demand is natural to us but to find a legitimate way to start, you have to achieve it. Truly in 2021, Affiliate Marketing is the best solution for passive income.

We all have that one common wish to keep earning even when we are sleeping. You can take this dream seriously through Affiliate Marketing.

The great thing about Affiliate Marketing is that you don't need to spend a lot of time on it. Sometimes even 02 hours a day may be enough to keep revenue from it

Also, if you are regular in your job or study, affiliate marketing will be the best side income option for you. 

And another good news is that there is no age limit, to begin with. Sometimes older people get results faster than younger ones.

For that, you have to gather accurate knowledge about it. 

In this blog, I am going to share with you every step of the important points that you as a beginner needs to know about affiliate marketing.

Let's dive in to get the details started.

What is Affiliate Marketing? 

Affiliate Marketing is a web based business strategy that: you promote another person's (or corporate) product, convince people to buy that product from your affiliate link & make a profit from each of your sales. Sounds easy right? Actually, you can say it because Affiliate Marketing is easy for the serious beginner.

Shortly after the creation of the World Wide Web (www) in the USA and around the world, a new breed of online business was born called Affiliate Marketing.

Nowadays almost all reputed companies have affiliate programs to promote their products broadly. That means you have the choice of searching for a product that you may be able to sell to others.

To make it more understandable to you, just think about what our daily needs are from getting up out of bed? You can also be able to sell those things to others who actually need to maintain their daily life.

Let's say, you have a good sense of the latest mobile you used. You can easily share your review with others about its features or how to use it. You may share it by blogging on social networks or in your website or on YouTube. If people find it useful and buy it from the affiliate links you provided, you will be able to earn from it. This is called Affiliate Marketing.

For Example, just go to YouTube and find any video which is about a review of a product. You’ll find, in most videos, the youtuber put their affiliate link in their description section and try to convince people to buy from that. 

youtube affiliate marketing

The best part of affiliate marketing is that you don't need a product of your own to get it started. Basically, as an affiliate marketer, you need to work between seller and user.

Seller means who is actually selling the products. Each seller has different terms and conditions for promoting their product. By following this you will have to build a great relationship with the customers.

Again User means those who are going to buy that product from your affiliate link.

When people will find that you are doing something which is helpful for them they will definitely start to trust your speech. 

On the other hand, when your seller will find you are doing something very good for their business, they will also be going to help you with your future. Sometimes a Seller offers a more discounted price for their trusted Affiliate Marketer.

So Affiliate Marketing creates a win-win situation for all.

When you promote a valuable product to your customers, they will enjoy the benefit of that product. In the same way, the seller got a new customer & you make a commission. 

So now I think you got the answer to What is Affiliate Marketing?

I can guess, you raised some questions in your mind regarding Affiliate Marketing at this point.

Don't worry!! I didn't finish yet.

Can you Really Make Money from Affiliate Marketing?

The quickest answer is YES YOU CAN only if you are serious about it. 

Look I used this serious word so many times on here because the definition of this one word can make you successful in Affiliate Marketing.

Just think to yourself, when you are planning to buy something then what you do first?

Let me guess! 

Most of you are trying to get advice from experts or previous users of that expected product. When you become convinced of them then you got the confidence to buy it. 

“Always remember, most of the time you get the desire to buy a product from big brand advertising. However, buying confidence always comes from the expert's review.”

I believe we all specialize in certain things. So if another person can convince us to buy something, why can't you do it?

Maybe you need some time to start but trust me you can do it. And when you make yourself start it, that means you open up a new source of income for you.

Affiliate Marketing will be your own business. So like any other business, your success depends on how you run everything efficiently and seamlessly.

Again, in my career I got a common question asked by my students many times about-can affiliate marketing make us rich?

Look, someone like John Crestani or Pat Flynn made millions from affiliate marketing. But still, the good news is, so far the percentage of competition in this sector is very low to capture success.

So the real fact is that affiliate marketing will create huge opportunities for you to earn. If you start with the right plan and keep it as your own business, you can make a lot of money from here.

How affiliate marketing works

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Let's talk about some of the benefits of affiliate marketing. There are literally several aspects that will change your life if you are thinking of starting affiliate marketing.

1. Beginner Friendly:

Affiliate Marketing is a fully beginner-friendly business module. You don't need to be experienced to get it started. Almost all affiliate programs allow freshers to promote their products by following the rules given by them.

As there is no fixed referral method for promotion, you can try it out on your own. After a lot of practice in it, you will gather the knowledge of where it works properly and where it is not. Just start it with your current best strength. 

For example, if you are good at making videos on YouTube, do your best to attract more people. The more visitors you get, the more potential you will generate.

2. Low Cost to Start:

Like many other running businesses, it won't cost you much to start.  It is important to start affiliate marketing with your own website which today will not be expensive. You can even get started by creating a YouTube channel for free and creating a review video of your affiliate product. 

You can also write a guest post for other websites to promote your affiliate products.

The starting cost of this business depends on your referral method. There are several ways to promote your affiliate products where free & paid both methods included. 

3. Self Popularity:

For me, the best part of affiliate marketing is that you get the opportunity to build your own brand.

You need to build a strong relationship with your visitors to get the best results from it. It will increase your reputation in the online world.

If you can succeed to continue this with your customer by email marketing or something else.

Then later it may help you to sell your own products to them. You can even start affiliate marketing to test your own product in the real market.

4. Time Flexibility

Time management is very important for any person in their daily life. There is no specific time to work for affiliate marketing. You can even run this business after your regular work. 

But you need to understand that the more quality time you spend on it, the more chances you have for earning.

As affiliate marketing gives flexibility over time, students or housewives also can start it for their next income.

5. Work from Anywhere:

With affiliate marketing, you will be able to work from anywhere. This business, for the most part, doesn't matter where you come from and where your customers are.

As long as you have internet access, you can continue your affiliate business from anywhere in the world.

6. Income Opportunities 24/7:

By starting affiliate marketing you create an income opportunity just for you at any time. Having all your referral methods online makes it a great opportunity to earn anytime.

Such as by blogging or email marketing $ affiliate products may be sold at any time. So once you start affiliate marketing there is no time limit for your earnings.

7. No Product Management:

As an affiliate marketer you don't have to worry about managing your affiliate products. In short, you do not have to worry about any warehouse or stock maintenance. No need to worry about your sales-related services such as delivery or return policy.

You need to be creative in choosing the right vendor or advertiser for those products you are going to preach.

8. Enhance Marketing Skills:

The revenue from affiliate marketing depends on your ability to promote your approved product. Different affiliate marketers use a variety of strategies to increase their revenue from it.

So to be an average earner, this business module will help you improve your marketing skills. This skill will help you with any business in the future.

9. No Earning Limitation:

There is no limit to the amount of commissions you can earn with this business. The more sales you generate, the more you earn.

Some of super affiliates generated millions through it and are still receiving their revenue from the same source.

10. Multiple Revenue Sources:

With affiliate marketing, you can open multiple sources for revenue. You even get the chance to promote your own product next to it.

For example, if you are blogging on your website to promote your affiliate products, you can also earn from Google AdSense or any company sponsorship.

Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing

There are also some issues that prevent you from making money from affiliate marketing such as:

# It may take some time to generate the amount of traffic needed to generate revenue.

# Sometimes choosing popular products for promotion can lead to more difficulty in earning revenue as more people promote it.

# Bad affiliate referrals can ruin your credibility. To avoid this, you need to choose high-quality companies for collaboration.

# In most cases, you will have no information about who bought it, which often makes sales difficult.

# There is no control over the product, service or how a seller operates the business.

05 Steps to Learn How to Start Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing allows you to make money on the Internet even if you do not have any previous experience. 

After a few simple steps, you'll be able to get started and earn your first commission right away.

Affiliate marketing is not for anyone who wants to make quick money. Always remember, this is not a business to earn fast.

affiliate marketing quotes

I have seen thousands of people who failed to start it just to make quick money. 

How can you expect to make money from it if you don't know where to start?

As a result, these unsuccessful people raised the question, is affiliate marketing dead? Of Course not. No passive income opportunity will allow you to earn fast.

So it is very important for any beginner to get it started in the right way. 

I will discuss here 05 key steps that any beginner like you should follow.

Don't miss the keynote below at each step.

STEP 01: Finding a Profitable Niche

Before starting affiliate marketing, you should know which niche you want to jump into. Niche marketing means focusing on a specific region or audience.   

Having a niche, a really specific one, is important because this would help you a lot when it comes to choosing the right products for your business.

For example, if your niche is about travelling, then you have targeted people who love to travel.

Nowadays many niches are very profitable such as Health, Pets, Fitness etc. It's important to know your targeted audience to promote your affiliate product. 

Sometimes I find that some people suggest starting that niche where you find passion. Seriously to me, this idea is just insane. Because if you started that niche where you haven't been able to monetize or it’s not with the current trends, how do you find profit from it? 

We're here to make some profit, aren't we?

So you should find a niche that is on-trend and that is what people look for nowadays. Ideally, you should select a niche with which you can make money on the Internet, and there are also many providers.

Visit Google Trends to find some trendy topics that will help you find the best niche so far.

KeyNote:  As a beginner, it is better to choose a niche that is more specific than the general. This may cause less audience but low competition. 

For Example Dog Food niche will be more specific rather than go with Pets Food.

STEP 02: Create Your Own Brand

The best way to start affiliate marketing is by building your own brand targeting your niche audience. 

Affiliate marketing is a web-based business strategy that works most of the time when a publisher is able to build its own audience. So before starting it you should try to engage with the people related to the niche.

Now, How can you reach people?

You need to create an online platform where people can solve problems with your niche. This is the easiest way to gain confidence from people. It is also important to choose the best platform to use your affiliate link.

Nowadays the most effective platform to reach targeted people is blogging and YouTube.


It is the most powerful yet inexpensive platform for reaching a mass audience. People rely more on one online solution than another.

You will need a website to start blogging. Setting up a website is now very easy with WordPress. You don't need to be a technical person to set up a website.

When your niche audience finds their solution on your blog, they will begin to trust you as a mentor. 

After giving them some impressions, you can now promote your affiliate links with them. And expect to get some sales from these.

Your blogging should be informative and helpful for your visitors. It's also important to continue blogging to engage your audience more.

Blogging will give you the opportunity to collect email addresses from your visitors. This approach works most of the time to build a relationship with the visitor.

Your outlook with them should be as helpful in your niche. 


Now YouTube is the world's largest online video sharing platform. Millions of people actively watch YouTube videos every day for various purposes.

This is a great platform for you to start to create your own brand. Create a channel with your brand name and start setting up informative videos to help your niche audience.

You will find lots of videos on YouTube about your niche too. You can check out their recent videos and find out which ones have been the most popular.

Try to take notes from that video, is there anything lacking in it? Then create and publish more appropriate informative videos to gain confidence from your niche audience.

By continuing to do this you will gain many subscribers to your channel. It's best not to try for affiliate marketing on YouTube in your early stages.

Try to get more people involved with your channel and give them a solution or training related to your niche.

A lot of people getting started with affiliate marketing often ask a question if they're allowed to put affiliate links on their YouTube channel or not. Check this article to get a clear idea about how to properly use your affiliate links on YouTube. 

My advice for you is to make at least 500 members to start affiliate marketing on your YouTube channel. Before that, you should do your best to increase your niche customer base.

Self Branding is very much important for affiliate marketing. 

You are more likely to get advice from someone you know than people you don't know. So it is very important to introduce yourself as an expert consultant based on your chosen niche.

KeyNote:  As a beginner, from today, work on making a list of blogging/vlogging topics related to your niche. Sometimes it takes a lot longer than others.

What is Affiliate Marketing

STEP 03: Join The Best Affiliate Programs

Now you need to find the best affiliate program where we get the product to promote related to your chosen niche. 

This part is very important because the right affiliated program can help you to make your customers more loyal to you.

On the other hand, this is the place from which you will collect your earnings.  So it should be popular with experienced and current affiliate marketers.

Some important notes must follow before choosing any affiliate programs, such as:

-Brand Value:

This is important to check the net present value of an affiliate program before choosing. More brand value means more credible. 

Going with a program that values more brands than others, will be a wise decision for any Beginner. This can be a reason for you to quickly see profitable results.

-Payment Terms:

This is the most valuable part before choosing an affiliate program because we are doing all this to earn money from them. So the payment methods should be simple.

Different vendors have different payment methods such as PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer etc.

PayPal is most famous in all of these fields. Almost all affiliate programs offer payment through it. Some programs also have a minimum payment or minimum time limit for withdrawing payments.

So it is best to examine whether it is best for you or not.

-Quality Sales Service:

What are your main strengths as a marketer? Of course, it is your own visitors. If you are able to convince one of your visitors, you will get the chance that it will bring you ten more visitors.

So make sure your selected programs have many qualities that make your visitor a customer.  Remember, vendors should have the skills to provide a smooth buying experience for customers, as well as ensure after-sales service for them.

-All Device-Friendly Site:

Your vendor must have a responsive website because you do not know what device customers are using. Day by day, people use their smartphones more than desktops.

So your vendor must have an all device friendly website.


Upselling is a sales strategy that seeks to encourage customers to buy more expensive products or add-ons that are relevant to their needs. 

With this strategy, vendors will take the opportunity to gain more from customers.  So here you have the chance to earn more than expected. 

It's better to look for it on any affiliate programs for more profit.

-Cookies Regulation:

First of all, you need to know what cookies are? Cookies are small data stored by a website to the user's browsers.

Almost every affiliate program has cookies with limited or lifetime duration.

For example, suppose your seller sets cookies for 5 days. That means when you send a visitor through an affiliate link to their website.

you will receive a commission if customers buy something from it within these 05 days.

The more Cookies period offered by vendors mean more scope to earn.

-Allowed Marketing Method:

There are several types of ways to promote your affiliate links. Like email marketing, blogging, social marketing etc. 

I've found that many people have just taken their affiliate link and promoted it everywhere. As a result, being caught as a spammer and getting banned by the vendor.

No affiliate programs like spamming to promote their products. 

So before choosing a seller, read the way they are allowed to promote. So that in the future they will not get a chance to ban you.

Now let me introduce you to some proven affiliate programs.

You may have heard of Clickbank, one of the oldest and popular affiliate networks. This is the most popular network not only for affiliate marketers but also for its customers. 

Clickbank is mainly specialized in selling digital products such as software, online courses, and more.  

Clickbank commissions range from 10% to 75%, which makes it more attractive to marketers.

If selling digital products is convenient for you then you can choose it undoubtedly. Another popular program like Zvzoo works just like Clickbank.

By now you must have heard about Amazon.com, the most popular e-commerce website in the world.  It also offers affiliate programs globally.

Since Amazon is the fastest growing online trading platform in the world, it can be a great place for any beginner to start affiliate marketing with it. 

Amazon is always an option, as with them you can get affiliates for almost any type of physical product. There are also similar programs like eBay or AliExpress.

Now because affiliate marketing has become so popular in the world, almost every company offers affiliate programs. I just here show only some best options to choose for you. 

KeyNote: Find & join that affiliate program which is only best in your selected niche. 

What is Affiliate Marketing in 2021_ FREE Guide for Beginners

STEP 04: Research and Select the right Affiliate Products to Promote

Having the right idea is crucial to finding an affiliate product for promotion. You need to find the right products that are currently up-to-date with trends and also profitable based on your niche.

After joining the Best Affiliate Program, you should now focus more on finding the best profitable product to earn.

Try to think like a customer before choosing a product. What you need before buying a product you like. 

You have to make sure you have the things you need to get the best results through promoting a product.

Let's look at some of the must-see factors before picking a product as a beginner marketer.

-Vendor’s Profile: You should know about your vendor before work with them. A most experienced vendor can give you more quality products as well as more resources for better results.

It is best to find a successful vendor to get started. It's easier to get more sales with any brand than new.

-Products Credibility: It's good to choose a product that is already popular with people at your earliest. This may be the reason for the low sales cause for high competition but it is easy to build trust.

-Trendy or not: One big thing you should take care of is that your selected product should be on the current needs list. If you preach what people don't want, it doesn't make sense.

So finding a trendy but profitable product for promotion will be a wise decision for any beginner.

-Avoid Seasonally: Don't select any product to promote which is only for one season a year. As a beginner, promoting with an all-time essential product will not fail you.

-Commission Range: Different products have different commissions range. To get you started, don't go for a high commission-based product. Because there will be huge competition.

My advice for choosing products for your promotion is to have a minimum of $ 10 or a maximum of $ 75 commissions. Otherwise, as I have found, it reduces the mental confidence of running a business.

-One time Commission or Recurring: There may be two types of payment programs for products.  The first is a one-time commission where you will receive a commission at the end of the sale.

The second is the recurring commission where you get a commission at the end of the sale and every month.

Both have the same potential to get sales. As a beginner, try to start with a one-time payment program because it takes a while to sell a product that has a recurring commission.

-Sales Page Quality: One of the main tasks for you is to send your visitors through the affiliate link to the product sales page. Before picking a product, check this sales page because this is the main place where your visitors become the generator of your income.

Check it out for yourself. If you're ready to buy something from here, go for it. Otherwise, look at the next option.

-Return Policy: A customer always checks before buying a product, does it have a return policy or not? People like to buy a product where they get the option to return it if it is not what they expected.

So you should choose a product to promote where you will have the opportunity to provide this type of facility.

-Real Buyers Review: This is the step where you have to think like your customers. It's best to check what a product's review score is from its user.

Choose a product to promote that has a good review score from its previous users, this might be a good reason for customers to buy.

It's good to have experience with the product you're about to promote. Because you are going to make people smarter with this product. 

So think about how smart you have to be?

As a new affiliate marketer, you do not have to buy every product before promotion. However, the use of the product establishes a deep belief.

KeyNote:  When your larger customer base accumulates and your reputation grows, sellers can provide you with a "free" sample of their product.  So it's good to ask them for it.

STEP 05: Find The Best Way for Promotion

Now you are in a very crucial part of affiliate marketing. It's time to capture more traffic to generate sales from our online platform.

There is no business to be true without traffic, and it applies equally to online and offline businesses. 

So a comprehensive strategy is a very important element of your marketing plan.

“Because traffic is the life-blood of any Internet business.”

The more you promote, the more likely you are to get traffic. This means that you have the opportunity to get sales.

There are several ways to promote an affiliate product to the most targeted people where paids and free both methods included.

As a beginner, it is best for you to begin your promotion through the proven methods as below. Do your best for it. Because this approach now follows every successful marketer.

-SEO Friendly Blog:

Ranked in Google search engine is the best way to get huge free organic traffic. The process of getting a higher rank in Google/Search Engine is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

So when you're writing a blog, it's really important to pay more attention to SEO than anything else. Of course you have to keep your readers in mind at the same time.

Learn some basic steps for SEO. It's better to have vast knowledge on it. But you may also hire someone for it. 

If you get any results from SEO, it can generate huge traffic and sales as well.

-Email Marketing:

As an affiliate marketer, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is not to create your own email list. 

An email list of customers is the foundation of any online based business because that's where most of your sales will come from.

It gives you more freedom and you will be able to get multiple income streams from which you can improve.

Most visitors do not buy anything at first contact. In fact, it has been proven that the average buyer can usually buy anything after gaining confidence from at least seven contacts. People feel comfortable buying things from someone they trust.

Email Marketing gives you the scope to build a strong relation with your visitors.

-Social Marketing:

Nowadays social marketing is a great method for getting targeted traffic to your affiliate website. Especially now, a social network like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Reddit can bring you any kind of specific niche related visitors.

You can target your audience both free and paid ways here. Of course you need a lot of time to get good results from the free version.

A social network is a great platform for brand awareness. If used properly, it can be the key to the success of your affiliate marketing and can be a great marketing strategy.

It is important to keep your presence here. Search your niche related community there and try to help people. 

Social Network is the best platform to get more engagement with your niche related audience. 

In my experience I have learned that this is not the place to get sales. It's best to start without these expectations.

Pay attention not only to sales but also to branding. Then you will get better results here than any other platform.

-Pay Per Click (PPC):

PPC is a method of payment promotion where advertisers pay for each click on their ad.

This is for anyone who wants immediate results from affiliate marketing. This is also the fastest way to get specific traffic to your website.

There are several networks to run PPC, but it works much better with Google Adwords. 

As a marketer, you must gather knowledge about PPC before going for it. Honestly, proper knowledge on it can make you a successful affiliate marketer. 

-Solo Ads:

Solo ads are now one of the easiest & popular paid methods to promote the affiliate products to your relevant audiences & start earning from it fast. 

In short, Solo Ads are promotional email marketing methods where you send any of your promotional emails using someone’s existing email list in the same niche with the main focus on driving traffic to your funnel/product’s landing page. 

It will also create the possibility to expand your own email list with relevant audiences where you get a chance to use them for your future promotion.

This is one of my favorite ways to earn affiliate money. The best part of this approach is that you don't have to be an expert to get started with it.

So, to learn more about solo ads, please go through the entire article.

KeyNote: There are so many promotional networks available nowadays. Choose some best from this which is working good for you. Don't jump on all networks to promote.

Remember Different niche works on different methods. And of course avoid spamming

How To Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer:

Affiliate marketing is an ideal home-based business because it doesn't require much initial investment. You do not need production, stock, and distribution. You will actually be paid to attract new customers.

Although it is not as difficult as any other business. But of course, you need the right planning, adequate knowledge and your best efforts to make your own successful business. Here are some tips for making your business a success.

Tip 01: Start with blogging, this will be the perfect referral method to start affiliate marketing. These days, people like to take information online.

So you need to try to solve a problem for your own audience through blogging which will make it more attractive to your readers.

A blog will provide many opportunities to promote referral products.

Tip 02: Only select quality affiliate products and services to promote. Ideally, consider buying them and being sure of the quality. Focus not just on income, but also on quality.

Tip 03:  For marketing $ affiliate products, choose any product which one matches your niche. Your website should have content written about the niche you choose. Otherwise, it may reduce your audience.

If your website or YouTube channel is about making money online and you have left a review post for a health-related product, it certainly won't work.

Tip 04:  Be honest with your audience. Do not share false news to promote your affiliate products. Always keep acceptable information on your blog which is legal.

It is better to share both the good and the bad side to your audience in order to legitimize it than others.

Tip 05:  Always express your partnership. Most viewers will understand that you will be paid for advertising. But if you write a review or use a text link as a recommendation, let readers know that it is advertising.

This guarantees your transparency and trust in your readers.

Tip 06: Don't rely on certain marketing methods, such as SEO or social marketing. Find all the alternative ways to promote and try. After a while, you will understand which methods work best for you.

By understanding your target market and how you can make it attractive to your customers, you can maximize your audience list

Tip 07: Keep track of the effectiveness of your affiliate programs, especially if you plan to put in place some other programs like Google AdSense to make more money.

Sometimes having too many ads on a page can distract readers, resulting in poor performance.

Tip 08: The secret of any successful affiliate marketer is to have a sales funnel on their landing page. The sales funnel is the process of collecting email addresses from your visitors by offering them a free giveaway. 

So placing a sales funnel at the landing page on your website will give you the opportunity to interact with your visitors.

Tip 09:  Send your niche related informative newsletter to your subscriber regularly and maintain a good relationship with them through it. Email marketing is one of the best weapons for successful internet marketers in promoting affiliate products. So don't keep it for later.

Email marketing can significantly increase your affiliate profits.

Tip 10: Stop chasing down all the online income opportunities that come your way. Follow your original ideas so that you build a successful and profitable affiliate marketing business.

Tip 11: Last but not least, try giving your visitors a free cool gift that they can enjoy only after purchasing the product from your affiliate link. This is what sets you apart from other marketers.

This will also help you to turn your audience into customers.

Keep checking this article to get lot more updated tips regularly.


Still many are wondering if I should start it? Don't put your name on this list. Only thinking never is a solution.

There is no doubt that you have enough potential to start it. 

Affiliate marketing is usually a slow start, and not the lazy way to get rich that many people think.

But if you are willing to put forth the effort and work to develop high quality sites with good content, then you can make a decent amount of money from it.

This is a great online business module for everyone. As it is also a very low-risk business module, if you are considering it, do not hesitate to start.

Still if you have any questions about it, feel free to ask me in below. I would love to give you my best answer.

May GOD bless you for your future.

About the author 


Atik is a father, husband and an internet entrepreneur with more than 7+ years of experience in affiliate marketing. In 2012 Atik caught a dream of becoming an entrepreneur and create a lifestyle for himself and his family they truly deserve.

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