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If you are a complete novice in affiliate marketing, the chances are low that you know much about solo ads. You must have heard about it, but maybe the concept is not entirely clear to you. I had the same problem at my earlier stage. In this article, I will answer all your questions about solo ads and give you a complete guideline on their use and benefits.

So, what are the solo ads? In short, Solo Ads are promotional email marketing method where you send any of your promotional emails using someone’s existing email list in the same niche with the main focus on driving traffic to your funnel/product’s landing page. The advertiser contacts his or her niche related Solo ads sellers and pays them to send promotional emails to his huge email address list. 

It might seem a bit confusing but let me tell you now that it is totally not. I have shown an example inside the article to make it a little easier to understand. So, to learn more about solo ads, please go through the entire article. It will help you get a clear idea of growing your business using solo ads.

What Are Solo Ads?

Let’s start this explanation with an example-

Suppose you are a new make-up entrepreneur or doing affiliate marketing with this industry. You have a website where you write about and do affiliate or sell beauty products. You have a “Subscribe by Email” option on your website. But it’s hard to get a large client base by this subscription process as a newbie. From where are you going to generate a large amount of traffic to get potential leads? Trust me! This is much harder than the step you took earlier.

So, what can you do? You can find a famous make-up blogger with an existing huge email list to help you. If Blogger finds your products attractive, Blogger’s huge client base is customer-mining for you.

You can contact that make-up blogger and he or she will send your promotional email ads about your products to his or her existing email list.

So, what are solo ads?

Solo Ads are an advertising media with which you’re renting an email list of a person (solo ad seller).

A solo ad seller in the same niche or with a potential client base matching with the advertiser’s niche agrees to send promotional email ads about the advertiser’s product or service or content to its large client base in exchange for money from the advertiser.

The main motto of this advertising method is promoting the advertiser’s product or service or website. Sigh! The example was better than the definition, wasn’t it?

Benefits of using Solo Ads?

The main benefit of solo email ads is to increase instant traffic and capturing the potential clients’ email addresses on the advertiser’s landing page. Sometimes even it generates sales also. Let’s discuss some more benefits of using this advertising method in detail.

Four Benefits of Solo Ads: –

1. A Dramatic Increase in Traffic

Solo ads are designed to increase the traffic to your website quickly. A good solo or niche-based solo ad provider will help you get potential clients. If you are new then it is a very lengthy process to get exact niche related audiences to your website or landing page.

Solo ads are the best solution to this problem. By running it properly, you can expect huge potential customers to your sales funnel and generate leads. And we all know, leads means higher chances to get sales.

Note: Remember that, from this traffic exposure, the possibility to have a considerably large amount of dedicated audience is higher than ever.

2. Increase in Lead Generation and Committed Audience

Again, the right solo provider comes into play to get a spike in lead generation and the correct audience. This part is more important than any others to get the sale.

Note: Remember that the people who signed up on your website through solo email ads are willing subscribers; they chose you. They are genuinely interested in your product or service or website.

3. Easy to build the Email List

Another benefit of solo email ads is that you don’t need to do list building by yourself. All you need to do is find a good solo ad seller. They will help you grow your audience by their email list.

Note: Get a reputed solo ad seller in the same niche, and your work is done. Just build a perfect email swipe to send it to your potential clients via the solo ad seller’s email list.

4. Value for Money

In my opinion, the best benefit of solo ads is that it’s conveniently cost-effective. You get real value for the money from these ads. Hiring an influencer on social media to promote your products or services costs a lot more than solo ads.

It work quicker, too, given that it’s comparatively cheaper than the other costly online product promotion techniques.

Note: Solo ads are more cost-effective than other advertisement techniques- like Facebook ads or hiring an influencer. In many ways, it’s quicker for the money you pay.

what are solo ads

How do you use it?

I would need to know about the type of product or service you intend to sell to give you customized usage guidelines and tips on your type of solo ads. You can comment below to share with me this. But here, I will provide you some general ideas about it. Here you go-

What are you Trying to Sell?

Is it your product or an affiliate product? Choose a product or service first. You probably thinking, I knew it. But what you should understand is that you have to think for yourself – what kind of product are you sure to buy from someone’s email.

Not every product or service people like to buy from online marketing. So when you are convinced to buy it and become a believer by yourself then you can certainly expect from others.

Finding the Right Ad Seller

Finding the right ad seller in your exact niche often demands much searching. But to achieve the maximum profit from this advertisement method, you have to take patience to find the best one for you.

Look for solo ad directories as they are the best option as of now. Here are some top directories for you-

  1. Udimi.com
  2. Igorsoloads.com
  3. soloadsx.com

Put Link to Squeeze Pages

Squeeze pages are designed to capture the email addresses of potential subscribers. Without directly putting offer links, use squeeze links in your email swipe. Your email swipe is the key scoring point here. Put your best effort into it.

Most of the failures hate solo ads because they don’t know this technique of online marketing. If you get the chance to capture your audience for a long time, why would you miss it? Solo ads are able to provide you the maximum chances to grab this opportunity.

So before placing an order to your solo ads provider, make sure you link your Squeeze page where you got the opportunities to transfer your seller’s email list to yours.

Tracking Clicks

Along with your ad seller’s report, you got to track the clicks on your ad too. Use a link tracking tool. Here are the best link trackers for you-

  1. Voluum
  2. Trck.me
  3. ClickMagick

I’ve also put a tracking guide that most marketers new to tracking find pretty helpful.

Small Tip: Avoid sending a straight offer, do it later

If you send direct offer links, you may get a temporary small increase in sales. But suppose you use squeeze pages to capture your potential clients’ emails and later send the offer links. In that case, you get the chance to build a stronger relationship with them.

To get sales in any industry, the relationship with the buyer is the most valuable. So don’t waste your chance just trying to get sales.

Are Solo Ads Worth It?

As a solo ad campaigner for several years, I can vouch for solo email ad’s efficacy. I have been a fan of getting social media influencers for online promotion, but it was not cost-effective. Getting their appointments is tough too. I also didn’t get to build any direct relationship with my potential client base.

But with solo email ads, there is no over costing. I can directly communicate with my clients too. The investment is worth the money and effort. But some people do get disappointed with the performance of this advertising method. Let me tell you the reason.

Solo ads are not designed for magical sales-boosting overnight. Yes, you can get more engagements and traffic overnight, but getting an increase in sales takes time. The main motto of solo ads is capturing the emails of potential clients and communicating with them.

And also, it’s important to have the knowledge about-are solo ads right for your business or not. Because not every product will give you the best results with solo ads.

Finally, I would say YES solo ads can help you a lot to grow your business fast and profitable. If you are able to do it in the right way then you can avoid all of the other expensive advertising platforms.

Is Promoting Affiliate Products through Solo Ads a Good Idea?

As of now, you got the idea that solo ads are a promotional method by email marketing. We all know how much it is effective for affiliate marketing. If you are an affiliate marketer and have not made an email list in this business, you are putting a lot of potential earnings under the table.

All the successful marketers in this industry have been able to hit that mark by gradually building their email list to a huge size. And now they can generate sales anytime through email marketing.

In my case, I found high ticket affiliate marketing works very well with solo ads. If you’re trying to sell any expensive products then no doubt you should go with this method. It can definitely deliver much more profitable results than any other advertising platform.

So I would say, solo ads are much more powerful in affiliate marketing than any other promotional method. At least I got most of my affiliate sales using solo ads. Ya! I know it’s also important to have the right solo advertiser in your industry.

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I hope you have gotten a clear idea of what solo ads. It may seem an old technique to increase traffic to your website. But it’s quite useful if done the right way. Always remember that this advertising method is meant to reach potential clients and boost leads to your website.

But more leads do not necessarily mean more sales. Boosting sales is a totally different story. So, think about how to sell your products to clients who eventually drop by your website before thinking about solo ads.

On this website, I always put valuable information to learn more about affiliate marketing. For that, you can check out my other blogs to gather accurate knowledge. Thanks for stopping by.

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