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Let’s start this article with a short story of yours. So, you’ve decided to become an affiliate marketer. You wrote some content, studied about the basics of affiliate marketing on the internet, and then finally applied to an affiliate network. You sent the application and waited a few days, but no reply.

After some days, finally the reply you’ve been waiting for has arrived. But your application has been rejected. You don’t get disheartened and apply to another affiliate network. But again, you get rejected.

If you’re a newbie affiliate marketer, this has probably happened to you. In fact, it has happened to all of us. You’re probably asking yourself, how to get accepted by any affiliate network?

The answer is, affiliate networks are looking for genuine affiliates who are real and can make them money. In order to get accepted by any affiliate network, you have to show them that you’re not a fraudster. You have to show them that you’re real and willing to invest your time and money into this business.  

But more on that later. In this article, I’m going to answer some basic questions about affiliate networks, what they’re looking for, the do’s and don’ts, and how to get accepted into an affiliate network as a newbie.

What are Affiliate Networks?

As an affiliate marketer, your job is to sell your vendor’s product on the internet. How does a vendor decide who can or cannot sell their product? That’s where affiliate networks come in.

Affiliate networks sell marketing privileges to worthy affiliates who can drive traffic to their products, and ultimately make them more money.

Affiliate networks are basically a marketing team for their vendors. They assign affiliate marketers to sell their products. Most big companies and corporations have their own affiliate network, like Amazon Affiliates.

Where another largest affiliate network like Clickbank has merged renowned vendors with new marketers.

What are Affiliate Networks


Why Is It So Hard to Get into Affiliate Networks? 

It is no secret that getting into an affiliate network is very hard. Especially if you’re a newbie. If you don’t have any prior experience in affiliate marketing, there is a 99 percent chance you’re going to get rejected.

There could be some major reasons behind this scenario- 

  1. The affiliate network thinks you’re a fraudster.
  2. They think you’re going to waste their time.
  3. They don’t think you know enough about affiliate marketing to make any money.
  4. You don’t have enough credibility.
  5. They don’t think you’re a real person, or that you’re joining the program to actually make money.
  6. They don’t want to take risks with a new affiliate.
  7. You belong to a flagged country, and many networks don’t accept it because of that.

The strictness of affiliate networks may seem unfair to you. But they have enough reason to doubt every single application that comes their way.

Is affiliate marketing hard


Why Don’t Affiliate Networks Accept Everyone?

There are many reasons as to why affiliate networks don’t accept every enthusiastic affiliate that comes to them.

  • There are a lot of fraud affiliate marketers out there who just want to sabotage other network’s marketing campaigns by getting in and acquiring information. That’s why affiliate networks don’t trust everyone.
  • Affiliate networks assign managers to help affiliate marketers. AMs can’t help every single affiliate set up their page. The networks are also investing in the affiliates, and they can’t afford to spend their resources on every newbie affiliate when they can easily serve an affiliate who’s earning 5 figures.
  • Lots of new affiliate marketer literally don’t know how to start affiliate marketing in a proper way. Most of them have no idea about even affiliate link cloaking or promotional methods. For this reason, spamming is present in every online platform nowadays. A well-known affiliate network does not support spamming with the link they provide. As a result, they do not want to believe in any newcomer to the industry.

How to Get Accepted by Any Affiliate Network


How to Get Accepted by Any Affiliate Network?

So, does that mean no newbie affiliate can join an affiliate network?

Of course, they can. Thousands of new affiliates are getting accepted into affiliate networks every day.

However, not every affiliate network is the same. Some are more newbie-friendly, whereas some are looking for more experienced marketers. So, getting into ANY affiliate network might be tricky for you.

To get approved for affiliate programs, here are some ways you can easily increase your chance

Take the Application Seriously: Just like you have to give an interview before getting a job, you have to fill out your application properly. That’s the first clue the network is getting about you.

Elaborate Your Answers: People often write bullshit on their applications. You can stand out by being different. Don’t answer the questions in a mundane manner. Try to be as specific and informative as possible.

Focus on Your Strengths: You don’t have experience in affiliate marketing? That’s fine. Talk about the things you do have experience in. Can you write content? Tell them. Did you manage a marketing group? Tell them. Do you know how to drive traffic on the internet? Tell them. Be enthusiastic.

Contact the Network: After filing your application, contact your affiliate network. Not immediately, but within one or two days. Let them know that you’re serious.

Have Someone Vouch for You: Do you have a friend who is associated with an affiliate network? Ask him or her to vouch for you. You’re more likely to have a chance if someone who’s already in the network can validate you.

Don’t Be Fake: Don’t use any fake screenshots or fake experience credentials to win their trust. They’ll very easily catch your act and decline you immediately. Moreover, you’ll lose your credibility to other networks as well.

Don’t Be Desperate: Don’t act like a newbie on your application, or in person. Maintain your professionalism and try to be humble.

Don’t Be Hasty: Don’t apply to 10 networks at once. Apply to 1, or 2. If you get accepted at more than one, you’ll create confusion and embarrass yourself. And if you can’t get in, you’ll learn something, be able to use that on the next application.

These instructions should be enough for you to get the approval from any affiliate network. Are you thinking, is affiliate marketing hard for beginners? Not really. You can overcome all the obstacles just by your enthusiasm.

Best Easy to Join Affiliate Programs for Beginners

I know there is a lot of advice on the internet these days for new affiliate marketers to join an affiliate program. However I have given only a few options that should be easily joined for any new marketer. I got almost instant approval with all of them.

Amazon Associates: There might be very fewer peoples alive in this world who don’t know about Amazon Marketplace. It is one the biggest online E-Commerce market that leading this business at the moment. They have their own affiliate programs where any newbie marketer can join easily.

Best Easy to Join Affiliate Programs for Beginners

JVZoo: This is an affiliate program that is very beginner friendly to start with. By selling digital products as an affiliate marketer is now the most profitable thing. Zvzoo is one of the best marketplace to sell digital products for any affiliate marketer. They accept affiliates from everywhere and it‘s also very easy to join and start working for them.

Shareasale: If you are interested in selling some brands, Shareasale may be a better option for you. You will find both physical and digital products to promote here. Joining Shareasale as a new marketer is not difficult. You need to show your plan to promote their products which is obvious to any affiliate network.

CJ (Commission Junction): Another great network for any new affiliate marketer is CJ. You will find thousands of sellers here, waiting for you to promote their products. They make their joining process so easy that anyone can start working for them from the beginning. They also provide important tools to make your promotion journey easier.

Legendary Marketer: This is a great affiliate network to promote for any new affiliate marketer. This is a training program for new blogger or affiliate marketer. Legendary Marketer has super sales team that helps a lot to get sales from it. They also provide the training to their affiliates.

These are my recommended top 5 easy to join affiliate programs for you. By following my upper instructions, it’ll be much easier for you to join any of them.


Affiliate Networks are always looking for enthusiastic marketers who can make them money, as well as themselves. If you’re a newbie affiliate, show the networks what they want to see.

My advice to you is to make a plan to promote your affiliate products before applying any network. Don’t apply just to try.

In this article, I’ve tried to answer any questions you may have, about how to get accepted by any affiliate network. I hope I’ve been helpful.

On this website, I have tried to cover all the information you may need as a new affiliate marketer. So, be sure to check out my other related blogs. Thanks for stopping.

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