how to cloak affiliate links on facebook

When I started promoting my affiliate link on Facebook, I always wondered why people don’t click on my affiliate link. But a few days later, when I learned how to cloak the affiliate links on Facebook, it changed the results of my business.

Facebook can be a great place for affiliate marketers. However, sharing affiliate links on Facebook can be a very tricky job. Most of the affiliate links we use look like spam, and people on Facebook don’t want to click on those links. The easiest way to gain people’s trust is to cloak the affiliate link to get clicks.

That is why we must have the right knowledge about it. In a short answer, you can use a URL shortener or an affiliate link cloaking plugin such as bit.ly or pretty links, and use these links on Facebook.

In this article, we’re going to learn about how to cloak affiliate links on Facebook, the advantages of link cloaking, and the importance of cloaking affiliate links on Facebook. It will be the most updated method that every prominent affiliate marketer now follows in their business. So, keep reading to learn.

What is Affiliate Link Cloaking?

Affiliate link cloaking is a process of shortening an affiliate link into a short and easily memorable form. A marketer needs this to make his affiliate link more trustworthy and clickable to an FB user.

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you should know that a regular affiliate link is usually long, full of gibberish, and very hard to remember. These look like spam, so many people on Facebook don’t want to click on them. And fewer clicks mean fewer conversions and fewer commissions for you.

For example, a general affiliate link looks like this –


It’s easy to see how unattractive and spammy this link looks.

Now, look at a cloaked affiliate link –


It looks much better, right? The ironic thing is, both of the links are the same. They direct to the same page.

Now, Facebook has become full of spam links. And even though Facebook allows affiliate marketers to share affiliate links on their platform, most FB users don’t trust fishy looking links.

That’s why affiliate marketers cloak links to make them more trustworthy to users and increase their click-through rate (CTR).

how to cloak affiliate links on facebook

How to Cloak Affiliate Links on Facebook?

Cloaking an affiliate link on Facebook is quite simple. The basic idea is to take a long and unattractive link and attach a much shorter redirect link to it to look reassuring and visually appealing to Facebook users.

Is affiliate marketing hard to maintain this kind of technical issue? No. It is very easy to learn.

Cloaking an affiliate link on Facebook is a smart decision for any marketer to reach out to Facebook users. Find a useful link cloaking plugin and use that to mask your affiliate link. There are many cloaking plugins available on the internet. Some of them are –

Pretty Link Lite: 

Pretty Link plugin lets you create short links. It also helps you make your own domain name. Pretty Link plugin tracks every single click on your link and gives you a detailed report. It’s completely free and available for anyone to use on the internet.

Thirsty Affiliates: 

Thirsty Affiliates is a cloaking plugin specifically designed for affiliate businesses. It’s an affiliate management service that efficiently manages your links into shorter and cleaner. They also offer various help in marketing your product.


You can cloak your affiliate link without a website, with the help of bit.ly. However, you can’t edit the links or manage them as easily.

The method is to copy your affiliate link URL and paste it in the plugin engine. Then you add a redirect path to that link. You can design this redirect link however you see fit.

You can add your own domain name, and make the link short and easy to remember. Then you use that link on Facebook.

For example, to create your cloaked link:

Go to your cloaking plugin > Add New

> Create a name

> Set the destination URL (affiliate link provided by merchant)

> Select a category or add a new category

> Save the Link

> Copy/paste this link on Facebook

Advantages of Cloaking Affiliate Links on Facebook

Honestly, affiliate marketing can make you rich if you can manage it smartly. Behaving like a newcomer can suddenly ruin it. So, it is crucial to gather the right knowledge to promote the affiliate link anywhere correctly.

Facebook has roughly 2.7 billion users. For an affiliate marketer, this can be an excellent marketplace, because unlike a blog, you won’t have to create an audience for yourself. It’s already there.

What is Affiliate Link Cloaking

Millions of active users of Facebook also makes it a very competitive place. You can use your Facebook profile, page, or even a group for marketing your products to your target customers.

Facebook users don’t trust any random pages or profiles. To garner their attention, an affiliate marketer must be very genuine.

Since Facebook is full of spam links, cloaking your affiliate link makes it more trustable to users. By cloaking your affiliate link, you can edit the URL and inform the users better. An informed user is an ensured user, and an ensured user is more likely to click on a link.

Cloaking an affiliate link also increases the Click Through Rate. More clicks mean more sales and more commission.

Another advantage of link cloaking is a reduction of commission loss. What happens is, malware or unethical hackers copy an affiliate link and secretly replace it with their affiliate links to steal your commission. Cloaking your affiliate link prevents that from happening.

Cloaking helps you to track all the traffic on your site. Many link cloaking plugins will track all the clicks, who made them, and which posts or links prove popular.

In addition, peoples on Facebook often share buying links with their friends and family through messaging and email. A lot of emails and messaging apps consider affiliate links as spam and prohibits sharing. Cloaking your affiliate link solves this problem and enables users to share them freely.

Businesses and merchant websites often change their product links, and it becomes a tough job to change all those links on Facebook. Moreover, people don’t want to click on a relatively new address. Cloaking your affiliate URL makes it easier to make those changes without actually real change appearing to users.

How to Post Affiliate Links on Facebook

Affiliate marketing is about building the trust of your audience. The more successful you are at achieving this, the more success will come from this business. If it is done correctly, it has the full potential to make it as your career.

The great thing about Facebook for a marketer is that you can easily find your huge target audience here for free. I know you have the option to run paid ads. But here, we will only focus on the freeways to use affiliate links on FB.

Work smart is more important than working hard in affiliate marketing. You may notice that lots of novice marketers everywhere on FB have often shared raw affiliate links. Have you got the confidence to click it? I hope not.

Link cloaking is one of the best solutions for it. An excellent looking link is much acceptable than an ugly link.

Now let’s see some proper ways to share your affiliate links to Facebook.

Create a Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook page is now as easy as anyone can create it. It allows you to create a specific relevant audience in your niche, which is excellent. It also allows you to be more credible to your audience.

How to Post Affiliate Links on Facebook

People on Facebook like to follow pages related to their interests. Here you have the opportunity to sell your affiliate products. By providing relevant knowledge on the products they are interested in, you can provide your affiliate links to purchase.

Not just you, lots of super affiliates are doing the same for their audiences.

But it is also essential to know that not every product or service can generate sales from Facebook. I’ve found e-commerce items or fitness training services work much better here than the niche of personal funding.

So, do the proper research and focus on building your audiences. After a while, people will gain trust in your page and will like to buy products from the affiliate links you promote.

Join Facebook Group

We all know that we need to build an audience to create more credibility in affiliate marketing. But the best thing about Facebook for a marketer is that it already has a different group in various niches.

Find a few active groups in your niche and start building relationships with its members. This process takes some time, but it is easy to do. Also, you get the chance to become more expert in your niche to your targeted audiences.

How to Post Affiliate Links on Facebook

Most of the time, people look for solutions in groups related to their interests. Try to take that opportunity and be their trusted guru in your niche. Don’t just share fake information with them.

By giving them proper knowledge, you can share the desired affiliate products as a solution to them. The more you can help others, the more opportunities there will be to get sales from here.


Affiliate cloaking may seem like a deceptive practice to some people. As an affiliate marketer, I believe it reassures people and helps them make a better-informed decision, especially on Facebook.

In this article, I’ve tried to answer all the necessary questions of how to cloak affiliate links on Facebook. I hope this will help you to grow your business more profitable.

To run a thriving affiliate business, you have to gather full knowledge about it. This is the only thing I try to cover on my blogs on this website.

So, check out my other blogs that also can help you to grow your affiliate business to the top.

For now, thanks for stopping by.

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