CJ Dropshipping Reviews

Dropshipping has gained massive popularity and now has made its place in mainstream business. There are lots of dropshipping platforms and CJ Dropshipping is one of the tops. For beginners in this sector, it can be confusing whether or not CJ dropshipping is a good platform to start their business. There are quite a lot of things to know about before making up your mind.

CJ Dropshipping is obviously a better choice than anything else out there once you have grasped the aspects of dropshipping. Initially, there are other options, but if you want to scale up your dropshipping business, there is no alternative to CJ Dropshipping.

In this CJ Dropshipping review article, I will try to cover everything you need to know about it before you start your business. How to make the most out of their features, how to use the app, why it is recommended over the others etc. will be explicitly discussed step by step. Stick till the end to have a smooth beginning in your dropshipping career.

CJ Dropshipping Reviews 

There are various aspects of a Dropshipping platform that you should consider before choosing one. From the user interface and quality assurance to supported payment methods there’s a lot to learn about. So, here I’ll be discussing all of these various aspects part by part. So, let’s go.

User Interface

CJ Dropshipping is super easy to use. Its interface is designed in a way so that both new dropshippers and experienced users can use it with ease. The best part of its interface is that you can start dropshipping even without having an e-commerce site. CJ Dropshipping has options for both.

Another good thing about CJ Dropshipping is that you are not restricted to selling products that are offered by CJ Dropshipping. You can also source products from other sites, and CJ Dropshipping will source them for you. Moreover, all of these great features are integrated into their mobile app, launched in 2018.

CJ Dropshipping Reviews

Starting with CJ Dropshipping

You can start with CJ Dropshipping just by signing up with an email address. However, after signing up there are two ways to go. Assuming you have an online e-commerce site or not, CJ Dropshipping has options for both.

With an e-commerce site

After you sign up, don't forget to verify your email. Having an e-commerce site makes it all easy for you. You will have to go to my CJ>authorization.

On the left side, you will see a list of e-commerce sites. Just select the one that you have an online store, follow the onscreen instructions. Now you are all good to go.

Without an e-commerce site

No need to worry if you don't have an active e-commerce store. You can still start your dropshipping business. Just use the Add to SKU List’ option to add the SKU numbers of the products that you want to order. Then go to my CJ>dropshipping center. Click ‘imported orders’ on the left side. Then click on the 'import orders' tab, select ‘import new’.

Next, click on the ‘excel file’ icon and download the excel order template. Open the excel file, fill out the order form. Now follow the same steps up to the excel file. Then click on ‘upload file’ and upload the excel order file you just filled. Confirm payment and the order will be shipped to your address. You can also track your orders. Just look for the tracking number.

With CJ Dropshipping you can choose anything from their vast collection of products. If your desired product is not listed on their store, don’t worry they got it covered too.

To make all things more clear, CJ Dropshipping created a simple flowchart to cover the general steps:

CJ Dropshipping flowchart

Here they also prepared one video for your reference:

Products available on CJ Dropshipping

Search your desired product on the search bar. You can use a name, SKU number, or their advanced image search. Choose the shipping method, price, your store, etc., and click on ‘list it now’. Now the product is listed on your store.

Products unavailable on CJ Dropshipping

Go to ‘my CJ’ and select ‘sourcing’ from the left. Click ‘start’ on the next page. Now you are ready to choose a product for sourcing. Choose the sourcing type ‘store existed product’. Select the store, product title, and tag. Note that this is for those who have an e-commerce store and authorized with CJ.

Then submit and click on ‘post sourcing request’ on the next page. Now your sourcing request is received by the CJ team. Status should be any of the three: pending, sourcing successful and sourcing failed.

It's slightly complicated if you don't have an active e-commerce store. Select ‘individual product’ as sourcing type. Fill out the required categories. Choose the purchasing type as dropshipping. Post the link to the online store that you want to source from. Then click submit.

Product Listing

CJ Dropshipping has fewer products than many other dropshipping platforms, close to 350000. But this doesn't diminish their reputation because all of their products are genuine, in stock, and ready to be shipped. On other platforms there are thousands of sellers, vendors and middlemen are present. So, finding an authentic product can be like finding a needle in the haystack.

CJ Dropshipping team is the supplier itself. They collect products directly from manufacturers and ship to customers, all by themselves. Because they handle all the hard work by themselves, it is not surprising that they have fewer products. Many other platforms only supervise the transaction, nothing else.

If you are planning to start dropshipping with CJ, the product amount should not be your concern. They have almost all the major products and all of them are genuine.

Product Quality

The best part about CJ Dropshipping is their product quality. There are not any third-party suppliers, vendors, etc. CJ team solely handles supply, packaging, shipping all of it. Third-party vendors can be scammers.

But when you know that the CJ team is handling all of it, there isn't any doubt left about the quality of the products.

Product Pricing

CJ Dropshipping gives competitive prices most of the time. It may vary from time to time, but in the majority of cases, their price wins. In other platforms, the supplier may be a dropshipper himself that you don’t know. Or they can be one of the two or three middlemen. Their profit portions naturally increase the price.

In CJ Dropshipping, the CJ team is the only middleman between you and the manufacturer. So you can get the best possible price. As the CJ team is directly supplying you from the manufacturer, they are charging only a small amount as their profit. Thus, the price remains minimum and gets the best deals.

Payment Methods

CJ Dropshipping supports all the major payment methods like any other dropshipping platform. So where's the difference? The difference and best part are actually the same. In other sites, there are thousands of suppliers. Not all of them use the same method. So for some suppliers, you'll have to use a credit card, and for some others, you may have to use bank transfer, etc.

This is a true hassle. When it comes to CJ Dropshipping, you can use the same payment method forever. Why? The reason we already know. Here in CJ Dropshipping, you are paying CJ, not third-party vendors. The CJ team is handling the whole process and receiving the payment. So you choose what suits you best.

They also support Payoneer, PayPal, Western Union to make your dropshipping experience smoother. For some authorized customers, they even offer cash on delivery under certain circumstances. It's unlike anything out there.


CJ offers a vast array of shipping options at an affordable price. They have ten different types of shipping options, including USPS and CJPacket. CJPacket is their own shipping procedure. USPS is the most affordable among the fastest. But I recommend using CJPacket if you are not in a hurry.

CJPacket Shipping

All the shipments are checked thoroughly by their experts before shipping. So, you don't have to worry about the quality of the products. They also have a built-in shipping cost calculator on their website, so you get a heads up on what you are paying. Just fill in all the information and you are good to go.

They have a shipping option for oversized products. If your products are bulky and take too much space, don't worry. CJPacket oversize will ship your heavy products. It's pricey and time-consuming but it's the only option you have left.

Things I like about CJ Dropshipping

CJ Dropshipping is one of the most popular dropshipping platforms and it is for legit reasons. They have unique features that separate them from many other platforms. Here are the Things that set CJ Dropshipping apart.

cjdropshipping customer service

Rapid Shipment

CJ Dropshipping has fast shipment options and they have proven their efficiency time and time again. It is possible due to their warehouse in many major countries in the world. Besides China's warehouses, they have warehouses in countries like the USA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, India, Thailand, etc.

If you are from one of these countries, or from any neighboring country you can choose to ship your products from the nearest warehouse. This will make sure you get a faster shipment. Also, the USPS shipping service is for dropshippers located in the USA. Availing this shipping method will ensure an even faster shipment to your US address.

They have their own shipping method, which they call CJPacket, which takes slightly more time. But if you are looking to save some, this CJPacket is the way to go. By CJPacket, you are guaranteed to get the product within 12 days. The delay is compensated by a lower shipping charge, usually four and a half dollars per 100 grams.

Order Processing

If you have chosen CJ dropshipping, you know that you are the dropshipper and they are the supplier. But this is not the case in many other reputed dropshipping platforms. Many so-called suppliers turn out to be dropshippers themselves. The result is a delay in product supply or no supply at all after wasting your valuable time.

cj dropshipping review

CJ Dropshipping has fewer products than many other e-commerce sites. But you can be assured that they are in stock and ready to be delivered at moment's notice. Products that are already in their stock can take as low as one day. Out of stock products do not take more than five days. There's a reason people choose CJ Dropshipping for scaling up.

Mobile Application

Their mobile application which was launched in 2018 makes CJ Dropshipping better in every aspect. This app is free and integrated all the unique features of CJ Dropshipping in a user-friendly interface.

Nowadays, wherever we go we have our smartphone with us. With a few clicks, you can modify anything from anywhere.

Customer Support

Their customer support is unparalleled. They have 24/7 chat support and despite originating from china, all of the customer agents are fluent in English. All the agents are active round the clock regardless of your region. Plus, once you are making enough progress, an individual agent will be assigned to you. It's like CJ Dropshipping is directly talking to you!

cj dropshipping app

Affordable Price

CJ Dropshipping is cheap. At least cheaper than its competitors. In other marketplaces, there are various sellers. You don't even know who is the seller, who is the manufacturer on those sites. As most of them are dropshippers themselves, they demand a price that is higher than that of manufacturers for their profit.

Only the manufacturers themselves can offer the most competitive prices. This is where CJ Dropshipping shines. The CJ team itself is the supplier in CJ Dropshipping So you don't have to worry about any middleman. You can rest assured you are getting the best prices possible out there.

Also, you will have a personal agent in CJ Dropshipping once you start to make more than fifty shipments per day. Through this agent, you can bargain prices. The agent will make sure you get the best prices on your every purchase. In some cases, you might see the price does not differ that much. But considering the facilities they offer, it's totally worth it.

Certified Products

In CJ Dropshipping, there is no room for doubt about the authenticity of the products. In other dropshipping platforms, there are countless suppliers, middlemen, dropshippers, etc. You never know which products are authentic and which are not. In CJ Dropshipping, the CJ team owns all the products and works as the supplier. Thus, you get the best products without any doubt.

Due to their unique interface, it's easy to find winning products. You can easily take your dropshipping business to the next level. To add a further layer, all the products are inspected by quality control personnel before shipping. The cost varies depending on the type of product. They offer various affordable quality control packages.

Product Description

Every product on CJ Dropshipping is explicitly described. Thus, you know exactly what you are looking for and what you are getting. There is no vague product description or pictures. They take pictures of all the products by their own photographic studios. Multiple pictures of a product give you the feeling of physical shopping.

They also have a video description of products. It is also performed by their own studio so utmost care is maintained. The best part is that they are not only for the use of the CJ team, you can use them on your store as well for free. You don’t have to worry about advertising when you are dropshipping on CJ Dropshipping.

To take this feature to the next level, they have introduced a new feature which lets you make your own video or photoshoot of the products. The CJ team will do it for you, charging a small amount. The photographs may not look flashy, but enough for posting on your Facebook page.

Sourcing and Packaging

If the product you want to sell is not available, CJ Dropshipping will source it for you. Moreover, they will try to find the best deal available. It is very huge for any newcomer. It will save your time and labor, and also boost your confidence.

If you have an online store and you want to brand it, CJ Dropshipping got that covered too. Their custom packaging will let you print your store's logo on packets. This may not sound like a big deal but it can go a long way.

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Things that Need Improvement

There is always room for improvement. Just like anything else, CJ Dropshipping has its fair share of downsides. They are not unpredictable, but worth knowing. Here are some of the things I have come across that need to be improved.

Less Manpower

The entirety of CJ Dropshipping is handled by the CJ team itself. In other platforms, there are plenty of suppliers, vendors, manufacturers, etc. so the authority doesn’t have to supervise so much other than payment safety. Unlike those, CJ Dropshipping is the supplier itself. They get the products from manufacturers, stock, pack, and ship all by themselves.

So, it's safe to assume their manpower runs short like their product stocks. It is reflected during holidays like Christmas, Black Friday, etc. Due to a tremendous number of orders, the entire process from receiving orders to shipping products is delayed. Sometimes the delay is drastic and can be very irritating.

It’s difficult to accept from one of the fastest-growing dropshipping platforms in the world. CJ Dropshipping's sincerity and customer service are unquestionable, but it should be backed by enough manpower.

Slightly Slower than other Platforms

Dropshipping consists of listing products, connecting products, and selling products. Other platforms like Alibaba, Fulfillman are a bit faster and easy to do, especially with their mobile applications. These apps got it all and work like a charm. You can source, list, and sell products with a few clicks.

The CJ Dropshipping app, however, is a bit sluggish. It can do everything that other platforms can but it might feel a slow process sometimes. You will have to go to tabs after tabs, select types, switch categories so on and so forth before you can set up your shop. Sourcing out of stock products can also be a hassle.

It should be a few clicks to get the job done. That’s why apps are for. If it still feels like using browsers then there's no point having an app. I think the application should be renovated and simplified so that even new investors can easily get along with it.

Heavily China Centered

Like Alibaba and AliExpress, CJ Dropshipping is based in China. They have warehouses in major countries, but most of the products are located in their china warehouse. Even If you are located in the USA or India, you may have to ship products all the way from China. Shipping costs, time, and hassles of logistics still persist.

Also due to political and diplomatic causes, you may not ship products to your country to China. This is an obstacle that is near impossible to overcome. If there are no political issues, the time and costs of international shipping may not be worth it in some cases.

Winning a Product isn't a Secret

In the dropshipping business, winning product is the Holy Grail. Winning product is the product that sells the most and buyers are crazy for it. It can be a single product or a particular type of product. Once you start dropshipping, you become comfortable with selling a single category that brings you more profit than anything else. That is your winning product.

It’s a business secret. You don’t want other dropshippers to know about your winning products. Not only this will increase competition, you may end up losing the competition. Your winning products can be seen by others as well as agents. This needs to be changed to protect the integrity of the dropshipping business.

Price is not Competitive

Yes, the price on CJ Dropshipping is indeed affordable but that's not always the case. They make the pricing almost as equal to other platforms. The prices seem affordable because of their additional facilities. If you are comfortable with other platforms, do not need the facilities, and opt for cheaper options; CJ Dropshipping is not the best choice for you.

Most of the major dropshipping companies are located in china. So, at the end of the day, dropshippers will have to import from china. If other platforms offer a better deal, it's highly likely to lose customers to that platform. So in my opinion pricing should be more competitive.

No Auto Invoice Sending

This is one of those downsides that can make or break a business. With your products from CJ Dropshipping, you don't get any receipts that are horrendous. Even in local groceries, you get a money receipt with minimal purchases. When you are dropshipping, you are buying products in bulk and paying lots of money.

One can normally expect receipt with his purchase. But that's not the case here. You will have to place a manual request for getting an invoice and only then you get it. This system should be changed and soft copies of the invoice should be automatically sent to respective email addresses.

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What Makes CJ Dropshipping Better than Other Platforms

CJ Dropshipping is very renowned and it is for good reasons. They offer a few unique features which can boost your dropshipping and take it to the next level. Here are some of the features that make CJ Dropshipping a better choice:

Sourcing: you can source your desired product without any effort; the CJ team will do it for you.

Payment: among several payment options, you will just have to choose one.

Authenticity: you are not dealing with any third-party vendors or middlemen. Rather you are dealing directly with the CJ team. So, your product will be as genuine as the CJ team themselves.

Agents: once you start with CJ, there will be an agent always available for you. He is your eyes and ears inside. And don’t worry, they all speak fluent English.

Shipment: their shipment can be fast or cheap or both, just the way you would want.

Unique printing: you can print your store logo or name on the packets. The CJ team will do it for you. Advertising has never been easier.

Videos: besides pictures, they have videos for their products shot by their studio.

Final Thoughts

CJ Dropshipping is one of the best dropshipping platforms currently. There is a reason it is growing fast despite having several giant competitors. The best part of it is that you don’t have to worry about getting scammed or counterfeit products. You are directly dealing with the CJ team so there isn't any scope for confusion or second thoughts.

Also, their versatile payment methods and shipping option make it very convenient for dropshippers. Yes, they have fewer products. If you are just starting and want to explore your options, you might choose other platforms. But once you are in top gear and want to take it to the next level, CJ Dropshipping is your one-stop solution.

There are tons of dropshipping sites but very few can match the unique credentials of CJ Dropshipping. They are small but their service and facilities make up for it. With their exceptional service, they are pleasing thousands of dropshippers around the world and they will not stop anytime soon.

When choosing a new platform or switching to a different one, a myriad of questions shall arise in your mind. With that in mind, I have explored every aspect of CJ Dropshipping that you might be confused about and tried to help you make a clear decision. If you’ve read this far, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from signing up at CJ Dropshipping.

Thank you for reading all the way through. I hope this article on “CJ Dropshipping Review” was helpful to you. I wish you all the best in your dropshipping career. Thanks for stopping by. Good luck!

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