Free Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing

As an affiliate marketer, the most challenging task for me was to find some active free traffic source for my affiliate marketing business. After a long experience, I have come up with some free traffic sources that can be very effective for affiliate marketers to generate organic traffic to their affiliate websites or blogs.

If you are an affiliate marketer, then you're probably sharing affiliate links on your website or blog. It is hard for beginners to get organic traffic flowing to their blogs at this stage. At the beginning time, not everyone can afford to buy paid traffic. At least I was not able to afford paid marketing at my earlier.

So, how do these super affiliates generate such massive quantities of organic traffic? Truth is, they don't get it just from their website. There are a lot of places on the internet where you can get free traffic. Remember, organic traffic means more sales and more commissions for you.

In this article, I'm going to share all of my free traffic generation strategies with you. Honestly, I found these 21 free traffic sources work very well with affiliate marketing. You can use these sources to not only share your affiliate links but also generate a massive number of organic traffic to your site. But first, let's learn a little bit about free traffic sourcing.

Does Affiliate Marketing Work with Free Traffic Sources?

Yes, it does. If you’re not willing to pay for getting traffic then it’s a must to increase the honest effort to grab the success on it. It may take more time and hard work than paid marketing but it is proven that it will help you run your business profitably in the long run.

Think of yourself, if someone giving proper value to you for free then why not you visit his website to learn more about his knowledge. You have to follow the same rules here. But if you're just spamming everywhere, none of the free traffic sources will work for you.

In most cases, there are no particular rules for affiliate marketing to generate traffic. As long as you're not doing anything unethical or breaking any rules of your vendor, it doesn't matter how you're getting your traffic.

However, you can pay for traffic to get a jump start but if you’re not an expert at this then there is a higher chance that your ad campaign might not attract your relevant audiences. Also, it’s a matter of huge costing, in which you might not be interested now.

On the other hand, if done correctly free traffic sources can bring you a huge visitor to your site. If you can make your audience understand that you are giving the right value to them, they will like to see your sales funnel and make a purchase from your affiliate link. Don’t just become someone else who just tries to sell something to them.

You can generate free, organic traffic by networking on various internet sites and platforms. Check out these below 21 free traffic sources for affiliate marketing to grab more traffic to your affiliate site or blogs.

21 Free Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing

1. Quora Answer

If you're familiar with the internet, there's a good chance that you've stumbled upon Quora. It is a question-answering platform, where people can seek answers for any questions they might have. It's a community where people share their insights and seek information on different subjects.

You might think, how can that benefit an affiliate marketer? Well, what you may not know is, Quora is the highest-ranking website for questions and answers in the world right now. So, when someone asks a question, the answers in Quora automatically appear at the very beginning.

how to use quora for affiliate marketing

When someone asks a question that is relevant to your niche, you can easily answer that question within a few paragraphs and, as a solution, add the affiliate link in your answer. However, affiliate links are strictly prohibited on Quora. But you can bypass this rule by attaching a landing page or a website that promotes your affiliate link.

Many people are looking for answers on this platform. If you think your affiliate offer can solve their problem, then you can easily gain some organic traffic and earn commissions through Quora.

2. Pinterest

Pinterest may not be as popular as Facebook or Instagram, but it is the second largest search engine right after Google. Pinterest is an image-based social platform, where you are allowed to create a board of images, tagging them with their relevant topics.

Pinterest might be a little tricky for beginners, because of its catalogue system. The promotional techniques are a bit hard to understand. Pinterest attaches an image with a relevant tag or topic, then upon searching, redirects users to those images attached to that topic.

pinterest traffic strategy

Image from Pinterest Business

Pinterest has a huge user base, and you can use that to your advantage. Just like a website, you can attach your affiliate landing page with an image. Make sure to upload clear, attractive images of your affiliate product. If someone clicks on the picture, Pinterest then redirects them to the affiliate site attached to the picture.

Then the user can easily reach the affiliate link and make a purchase. Make sure to write detailed descriptions for every image, and add them under relevant tags only.

3. Reddit

The best thing about Reddit is that people aren't on Reddit for the sake of using social media. It's a tight community, with fewer people who're only there to interact and seek recommendations from other Redditors.

Most Reddit pages are highly specific and have specific categories. Reddit is filled with extremely specific and targeted topics. So the user base is mostly full of consistent and targeted traffic.

how to increase traffic on website from reddit

To direct this traffic to your affiliate link, you must understand that people don't appreciate spamming subreddits or Reddit pages with affiliate links. Doing so will likely get you banned.

What you can do is to provide useful and informative comments on a thread. Good Reddit pages have a lot of people following, and most of them are active users. If you can get a decent following, you can then easily cloak your landing page or website onto a comment that will redirect a lot of people to your affiliate link.

A Reddit comment can generate a massive amount of traffic to your affiliate site.

4. YouTube: 

Although creating a YouTube channel for your affiliate product may seem a little out of reach for some people, it is pretty easy. All you need is a smartphone with a camera.

Having a YouTube channel has a lot of benefits. When you make a video for your affiliate product, your video automatically gets indexed by Google, which generates some genuine traffic, as well as creating traffic on YouTube. You can share your YouTube video anywhere, unlike spamming people with a direct affiliate link.

how to get traffic from youtube

You can attach the affiliate link with your video that will easily redirect interested viewers. If your video is under a certain niche and gets a decent amount of views, it will be accessible to more YouTube users through its algorithm. All in all, it's a very profitable yet cost-free way of generating a huge traffic.

5. Facebook: 

Facebook is most probably the biggest online community on earth. With a lot of people comes to a lot of competition. Facebook is no different. But with a little luck, you can generate a lot of free traffic from Facebook to your affiliate landing page.

There are a lot of ways you can reach potential customers on Facebook. One of the easiest ways for this is to join a Facebook group. Groups have a large following and usually a specific niche. You can easily reach a big audience.

Driving traffic from facebook roadmap

Engage with the members of the group through posting and commenting. When you've earned a certain amount of credibility, roll your affiliate links to them. It also works perfectly with high ticket affiliate marketing.

Another way to create free traffic is to open a Facebook page. If people like your content, they can like your page and get updates. Facebook pages work better if you have your own company. You can also use your Facebook profile to reach friends and family. All these features can dramatically increase your traffic.

6. SEO/Search Engine Optimization: 

Search Engine Optimization is the best solution for free, organic traffic. Unlike other methods, you're not at the mercy of users to click on a link or ads.

SEO targets a very popular keyword used in a search engine and then gives it to you. If you then use that keyword properly in your content or article, the search engine automatically gives it a higher ranking. Every time someone searches that keyword, they see your content. Top ranking by search engines means more organic traffic and more visitors.

The advantage of SEO is that the people who're clicking on your link are already interested in your niche. So the conversion rate is higher than usual. However, to qualify for the top rank, you have to meet all the specific requirements of the process. Along with SEO keywords, you'll need quality and unique content to rank higher in the search engine results.

7. Twitter: 

Twitter may not be your first choice when it comes to free traffic or affiliate marketing. I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be this way.

Any social platform with a large following can be used to create a free traffic source for you. For example, Twitter has a character limit, so any kind of descriptive content writing is impossible on this platform.

However, you can share your landing page or website links on Twitter to easily capture some organic traffic to your affiliate link. You can also add trending and relevant hashtags to your tweets to reach more people.

The advanced search option on Twitter will help you understand how well your tweets are working. You can share your tweets on other relevant threads, which will generate free traffic.

8. Guest Posting: 

Guest posting is an initiative that benefits both the guest writer and the blog owner. If you don't have your blog or website, but want to create hard content for your followers, then guest posting may help you.

Guest posting allows you to create content for someone else's blog. You use your niche and affiliate links, under your name. The blog owner gets good content that boosts the popularity of his blog. It's a great way for an affiliate marketer to reach a significant audience without having to create it.

A lot of blogs welcome guest posting. They get good and free content, and you get a good exposure. It's a win-win situation for both parties. You can contact popular bloggers who cover the same content as you. Ask them if they'd like to feature you. This is a good way to create free traffic.

9. Write in Blogger: 

Opening an account on Blogger.com is one of the most basic ways to generate free traffic. If you haven't done this, you should do this as soon as possible. If you have your Blogger post, you can share your affiliate links, without seeking anyone's help.

free traffic sources for affiliate marketing

Starting up an account in Blogger is quite easy. Registering for a Blogger account does not require any money at all. A personal blog is an asset in itself. It adds SEO value as well since it is content on the internet.

If you're an expert on a certain topic, you can write about it in your Blogger account. If your content has a good quality and has a decent following, then it's a total asset. You can use this credibility to invite your followers to use the affiliate links.

10. Join Niche Forums: 

This might seem a little out of context. But joining a niche forum might work to your advantage.

Suppose you have written an article on wood chopping chainsaws. Now, there's a web forum that is interested in Chainsaws. You can share your article there. Because they are generally interested in Chainsaws, they'll probably be interested in your article as well.

get traffic to your website free

It's a very simple procedure that targets an existing audience and provides them what they are already interested in. If they like your content, some of them might convert towards the products you're trying to sell.

To find your niche related forum, just go to Google and search Niche Name + Forum.

However, if you do this, don't spam there with random articles. Provide context and necessary information to avoid backlash.

11. Instagram: 

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing communities right now. It has a very simple yet unique interface, which makes it suitable for business. Just like Facebook, Instagram is based on a follower system. It's useless unless you have the following base.

Instagram Engagement Rate Data

To grow your following count, create an Instagram account, and use high-quality images to attract users. Make sure your account is leaning towards one specific niche. Tagging pages that are similar to your niche is a technique to increase your viewers.

When you have gained a decent amount of followers, add your affiliate links on the descriptions of images, as well as spot the link in your bio. In this way, everyone who follows you sees your content.

If your credibility is high, the chance of conversion also rises. People follow Instagram influencers more than any other platform.

12. Craigslist Ad: 

Craigslist is used by millions of people every day to post and check classified ads. It is a local hub for people all around the globe. It's a good option for targeted audiences. You can post an affiliate product to sell.

It is the perfect place to sell your products, except, Craigslist does not allow any affiliate links on their ads. You can directly post a product for sale, but you cannot add an affiliate link. If you're not a vendor yourself, it doesn't help you much.

However, Craigslist has dense traffic, most of whom are already ready to make a purchase. If you post an ad with the affiliate product, you can easily attach your landing page or your blog or website with the ad. In this way, you can bypass this rule, and also generate a massive amount of organic traffic to your website. The chance of making commissions is higher because most people are already in a place to make a purchase.

13. Start Writing on Medium:

Medium is an online platform for bloggers. It offers you an already existing audience that you can access with your writing. If your writing is good enough, Medium pushes it to its readers who're interested in similar niches.

how to get traffic from medium

Medium is a free platform for writers. It is good for two reasons. One, it pays you to be a good writer. Meaning, Medium will pay you if enough readers read your writing. And two, since you already have an in-built audience, you can easily push your blog links or YouTube links to them. They can then redirect themselves to the affiliate site, based on their level of interest.

The steps in Medium are very easy. Just open a profile and write a relevant article on your niche. After it gets approved, it will be pushed by Medium to relevant readers. Based on your writing quality and consistency with readers, you can easily generate a big audience for yourself in a short amount of time.

14. Tumblr: 

Making money on Tumblr is hard. Especially because people don't go there to make sales or purchases. To start something, go to Tumblr.com and open an account. Try to make your account about a business niche, otherwise, people might get disinterested.

Once you're done with setting up the basics, write a blog about your business. You can keep your outlook long, or short and serious. But whatever you do, keep a consistency. A brand voice will attract more people, than random whims on a blog post.

Tumblr's policy about affiliate links is ambiguous. Sometimes they take down pages for posting affiliate links. However, success on Tumblr is a matter of followers. If you want followers, you'll need quality content and many "notes". Posts get notes when peoples share or like them.

Keeping your content interesting, rather than creating a boring official outlook can improve the outlook of your Tumblr traffic.

15. LinkedIn: 

LinkedIn is not a social media platform, like Facebook or Instagram. It's more of an online presence for your work life. If you have a CV, LinkedIn is a place to put that CV there, so that other people can see your work qualifications to check if you're eligible for any work they might have.

Like I have told you before, any online platform that has a large following can easily be funnelled to your affiliate site or link, with proper strategy. LinkedIn has a large following, and you can use that to your advantage.

At the top of every LinkedIn profile, there is an intro section where you can write about yourself. You can easily put your blog or website link there. If people are interested in your work experiences, chances are they'll also visit this site to further investigate their queries.

It's a long shot, but it can create a good amount of organic traffic for your site.

16. Blog Comments: 

When you read a Blog or a YouTube video, you don't just stay there. You also check out the comments to see how other people are reacting to this piece of information. Famous Blogs and YouTube channels generate a massive amount of comments, thus increasing the original sum of traffic.

You can use the comment section of these famous bloggers to gain a massive number of organic traffic to your affiliate site or blog. To do this, just follow a relevant blogger on Facebook or YouTube. When they post something new, just write a small informative comment that will engage with other readers and solve their problem. Attach the affiliate link with your comment, if you think it'll provide a solution for the reader.

Don't spam the comments section with irrelevant affiliate links. That could get you banned from that page, as well as create a bad reputation for yourself.

17. Build an Email List: 

Most people don't stress the importance of an email. But email marketing is one of the most powerful tools of the 21st century. Roughly 3.7 billion people use email, so it isn't going away anywhere soon.

Since people use emails, you can use that to reach potential buyers. If you can add a form to your blog or website to collect email subscribers, then you can use those emails to track which people made purchases, and who went back after seeing your blog. This is very valuable information because now you can reach those potential buyers through their emails. This can result in further sales.

However, if you want to do email marketing, be sure to not spam your email subscribers with random affiliate links. That will result in unsubscription and send you back away. Send relevant affiliate links to relevant users. This has a far better success rate than any other platform.

18. WhatsApp: 

Just like email marketing, you can directly reach people through WhatsApp. However, this works better if you know the people before sending them affiliate links.

For this to work, you must have a WhatsApp business profile, so that anyone can contact you. After that, you can attach this number to your blog or website, so that people can reach you directly.

The only purpose of this is to make you more reachable because a lot of people nowadays don't like to use email to contact anyone. Having a WhatsApp profile makes it easier to contact you. Instant messaging also cuts down the time factor.

You can then use the WhatsApp contacts to provide them with your affiliate links. This is more direct and results in more sales.

19. Google Sites: 

If you're thinking about opening a website for your affiliate business, the first thing you need to do is to build a website. However, building a good looking website is hard, and takes a good amount of money to get started.

increase website traffic free

Unless you know programming and website designing, you'll need the assistance of a web designer, and that means money. Google Sites can help you get across that bump.

Google Sites is an exhibition tool of Google that allows you to create your page. It's like Medium, only it looks like a website on any device. With a beautiful interface, it can easily replace the need for an actual website. You can beautifully exhibit your articles.

20. Free Classified Ads: 

There are a lot of platforms on the internet that lets you post a free classified ad. For example, you can post an ad on eBay for a specific product.

There are hundreds of local and international sites all over the internet where you can do this. You can easily garner a good amount of local traffic by using these classified ads.

Just post an ad on a relevant site, and attach your webpage or direct affiliate link to the ad. This kind of ad site has a loyal follower base that is likely to come back to the site. If you can make a brand of yourself, you'll have a lifetime of customers on your hands.

21. Host Local Events: 

One thing to remember as an affiliate marketer is that, no one will come to you unless you go to them first. See, most of the tactics to get some organic genuine traffic depends on people taking an active interest in what you are offering. Unless anyone is interested all by themselves, you cannot go to their faces and ask them to buy something.

But, hosting a local event on the internet can change that prospect. When you host an event, it genuinely creates a peak of interest in people. Unlike an ad or a video, people aren't looking for you or your product. Instead, you are going to them with your event. It's a more engaging form for both buyers and an affiliate marketer.

Hosting a local event is a good way for beginners as well as advanced marketers to create a sense of social bonding. It makes people interested and helps you create a name for yourself. This can result in you finding some organic traffic to your site.

How to Promote & Share an Affiliate Link

We have come to the most important part now to get huge traffic from this mentioned free traffic source. See, promoting affiliate links to get sales only, is a huge mistake for you. Of course, your affiliate products are going to solve a problem for a specific audience.

First of all, try to target those specific audiences for promotion. Then try to establish a relationship by giving them the appropriate value that solves their problem. A relationship with your niche-related audience can enable your business to continue for a long time.

Finally, you can show them your affiliate products that are helpful to them. By following this process, you can generate a lot of affiliate sales. This will also increase the EPC rate of your affiliate marketing business.

Trust me, most of the time super affiliates are following this rule to create a huge number of affiliate sales. This process does not seem to be easy but starts it once. You will see that it is not too difficult either.

In Conclusion

I hope at this point you got the idea of some free traffic sources for affiliate marketing. Now it’s time for doing some real works and generate as maximum as possible traffic from all of this free traffic sources.

My advice to you is, don't try to use the mentioned traffic sources together. Take the time to grow your business with loyalty to everyone.

Keep in mind that not everyone can be successful in affiliate marketing because of quick earning mentality. Don’t be just one of them. My mentioned traffic sources able to increase enough traffic to your affiliate link that able to generate lot of sales. So, just focus on your marketing strategies to capture success.

If you find any new free traffic sources, please comment below and let everyone know about it. Let's build a community here by helping each other.

Good luck to you for your affiliate marketing business.

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Atik is a father, husband and an internet entrepreneur with more than 7+ years of experience in affiliate marketing. In 2012 Atik caught a dream of becoming an entrepreneur and create a lifestyle for himself and his family they truly deserve.

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