Absolutely Free Ways to Make Instant Money Online

In the era of the internet, earning money has seemed to find itself better and more efficient ways. However, money requires effort and real work to be done, being handed out money freely is an unrealistic expectation. Nonetheless, many freeways might allow you to make a quick buck or two quite easily without the hassle of real-world obstacles.

To make free instant money online, there are several options. For starters, being a Youtuber, Instagram influencer, freelancer, content writer, etc. can earn real bucks. Things like micro-working, doing surveys, using mobile apps can also earn you some cash but not as much.

The ways mentioned above are accompanied by many more ways that you can resort to anytime to make some money easily and with no investment. They will however require you to put in some time and effort. Hence, in this article, I’ll be discussing 11 free ways to make instant money online.

11 Best and Free Ways to Make Money Online Instantly

With so many people struggling to make money in real life and seeking financial counsel to deal with money problems arises a question. How easy can it be for you to make money online effectively? Truth is, there is no easy way to make money without any investment unless you’ve won a lottery or perhaps you got chosen for a random giveaway.

But there are some opportunities online that you can make use to start some pocket money. Given enough time and effort, you can even make them your full-time job. Here are some of the best free ways you can make money online.

1. Become a Freelancer

The internet world is pretty much surrounded by freelancers here and there ready to offer and digitally monetize their skill sets. This is the most effective way which will not only amplify your given skill sets but also earn you real money close to real-life jobs.

If you can edit videos, voice-act, write articles, know how to program, or simply house any external skills that any customers may find useful. All that you’ll be required to do is give your time and your skills to your clients and project the best result in your tasks that best highlight your potential.

Being good and consistent in your orders on gigs in various freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour is one of the best ways to kick-start your freelancing career. You can earn from as low as 5$ to $10,000! You just have to be dedicated and be good at what you do to turn freelancing into full-time work.

Just beware of maintaining a positive impact, building clientele, preserving positive reviews and focus on your strengths to make the best out of the freelancing world.

2. Become a Youtuber

If you know what you’re doing on this internationally recognized billion-dollar website, you can make more money than you can on other online platforms. You can always start by doing what you love, such as editing, making montages, or simply by playing games, etc. Just stay original and use your fluid creativity to come up with exciting content.

Once you have a dedicated fan-base you can monetize your content and earn money and eventually can shift to the help of sponsors. You can use AdSense to bring in ads or perhaps be contacted by big companies and be able to initiate affiliated marketing.

You are advised to do the same as you do with freelancing. Work and showcase your skills or things you are good at to make the most out of your YouTube channel. It’ll take you time and effort but once you know what you’re doing it's going to end up being a fruitful experience!

3. Become a Content Writer

In the online world, everyone can read, but not everyone can write. The internet is filled with articles, reviews, posts, circulars, and various means of content lying here and there. The internet would have been pretty dull if there weren’t content writers worldwide doing their jobs to produce new and original content every day.

Content writers contribute a great deal to the world of the modern online-based content system. From writing articles for the media to working as a virtual social media assistant to copywriting.

The endless stream of content writing possibilities is overwhelming and if you’ve got some good typing and internet scouting skills with an above-average English score. Then perhaps consider being a content writer as your ideal niche for making money online. All you’ll ever need is a laptop, stable internet and knowledge about where to find work.

Sites like IWriter, Freelancewriting, WriterBay, and many more can knock you up with some content writing work anytime!

4. Instagram Influencing

The new host body of affiliated marketing lies in the hands of Instagram. If you’re popular, socially active, know your audience, and can highlight your best qualities of yourself online. Becoming an Instagram Influencer is your destiny. You can always post original content of your liking and promote products through sponsorship.

This will require you to have good marketing skills and a proper audience at bay to make it effective. It’s a trial and error process but with the right effort and a little bit of luck, it’s a straight arrow to becoming something bigger.

You can even start a business, become a model or collaborate with bigger brands if you do things right!

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5. Start your Blog

If you love writing and sharing your thoughts online and growing your entire site of your own, then blogging is where it’s at. Blogging can take about 2-3 months of time, effort and dedication to allow you to start making some real cash. If your passion is in its full spirits, you can turn your blog posts into a full-time career and start affiliate marketing.

Blogs will, however, require you to have a domain and hosting to get started but after that, it’s all free-hand and you are advised to take the route best suited to you.

6. Game Streaming

Game streaming platforms like Twitch, Ustream, Smashcast. tv can allow you to play games and make money. If you’re an avid gamer with skills and you love playing so, you can become a dedicated part-time streamer.

You set your own time and do your stream when you can and when you want to. If people like what you do or how you play you can easily build an audience.

You can earn money through donations from your viewers, by branding certain partnerships, and promoting other games and products. The more your audience grows the more money you’ll be able to make off from simply doing things you know your audience will love.

7. Doing Paid Online Surveys

This is the most self-explanatory and effortless way to make money online. All you have to do is fill up survey forms and state your opinion just by spending a few minutes whenever you want and from anywhere you can.

The payment schemes and point distribution system varies from site to site. A strong takeaway is that the more surveys you complete the more money you earn. Make sure you read the terms and conditions of these sites as some of them are accused of being scams. The money isn’t as high as other methods mentioned in the list but you sure can earn a quick buck.

Some reputable and safe sites where you can fulfill online surveys are Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, Vindale Research, etc.

8. Mobile Cash Earning Apps

You might have come across some ads in your mobile games and apps that promise to pay you just for listening to music, videos, or trying certain apps. Though it’s true they may seem skeptical and give off potential malware vibes.

Some of the apps with good reviews do seem to pay you for completing assigned tasks on the go on your smartphone.

These can be anything as mentioned above and the money you receive will be proportional to how many tasks you can complete. Some apps include: Zareklamy, Earn Cash Rewards and Make money. You will get paid through PayPal or at times you can exchange your money for gift cards, coupons, etc.

9. Sell Your Privacy

You can sell your privacy to companies to earn some cash. You simply let them monitor your browsing actions, your spending habits, your favorite sites, etc. voluntarily in exchange for money.

Though you will not be required to do any extra work on your own, the expense of your privacy being violated might not cater to many people as a legitimate money-making scheme. However, we’ll let you decide what you’re up for to gain some quick buck.

Some apps include Savvy Connect, Nielsen. These apps will track what you do and you can earn money by installing them and registering them on different devices you use.

10. Sell Your Photos

If you own a smartphone, then you can easily capture high-quality images of nature, people, architecture, insects, or anything you can imagine and sell them. You can use certain websites like Shutterstock, Fotolia, Photobucket, etc.

You just submit original photos that you like and customers will buy them from you through these sites paying prices you fixed. A matter of a few clicks can earn you as much as $100 each if you have the right photography skills.

11. Micro-Working

In Micro-working you will be expected to prove that you’re not a robot, make emails, make accounts, rate, comment, write small articles, and tiny amounts of work part-time to earn money. These are overly simplistic tasks and you can’t expect a handsome pay unless you spend way too much time doing these small tasks.

You can become a micro-worker from sites like MicroWorker, SEOclerk, Clickworker, etc.

Keep Your Expectations Realistic

Google might solve and answer a lot of things for you but it can’t throw you some money unless you know what you have to do. Some of the ways I’ve mentioned in this article might make you a quick buck but that’s all it’ll be. You can never expect a real income with no investment overnight.

When a profession doesn’t require cash, it requires either skill, time, hard work or all of them combined. So, make sure you put in your best and keep your expectations realistic. Anything you try to do will take time. So, be patient and work hard. 


That pretty much covers all the 11 absolute free ways to make instant money online. The bottom line is, no matter what, to earn real money you’ll either have to give a lot of time and dedication or utilize your given skills. Making money in the real world is tough, but making it online just might be a little bit easy but not easy enough to count them as gifts.

I hope this article taught you what you were seeking and I wish you all the best in your forward venture! Thanks for reading!

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Atik is a father, husband and an internet entrepreneur with more than 7+ years of experience in affiliate marketing. In 2012 Atik caught a dream of becoming an entrepreneur and create a lifestyle for himself and his family they truly deserve.

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